Save $ on tree work!

Trees R Us offers special savings during our slower season that runs from December 1st- April 1st. 
If you are looking to get tree work done.  Call us now and have us run your free estimate and when you call to schedule your work, ask us about our discounted winter rates!  We book up quickly so we recommend getting it on the calendar!

Call today! 317-716-0138


Trees R Us has a new location!!

We are very excited to share that we have a new location in Brownsburg! Click on the link below to find us...
8446 N. State Road 267

*Our new sign will be up by the end of August so you can easily locate us right off of 267!


What does Angie's list have to say about tree inspection?

Check out this youtube video that Angie's list recently posted on twitter.  They offer some good recommendations on having your trees inspected.  We always suggest getting 2-3 estimates and verifying the companies current insurance policy is critical!  Nobody wants damage to occur on their property but occasionally this can happen.  If it does, you want to be certain that the company you have hired will take care of their responsibilities.

You tube video by Angie's list-  



Please contact us early this year if you are in need of firewood!!  There will be a LIMITED SUPPLY based on what we currently have seasoned.
Cost will be $70 per rick if you pick up and $20 per rick for wood that's delivered.

We will be doing things a little different this year. We plan to have a window of scheduled pick up times at our new location, so contact us to reserve in advance!
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Thank you!


Spring has sprung!

It's time for SPRING CLEAN UP!  Let Trees R Us Inc and our Certified Arborists do it for you this year!  
Contact us to help you evaluate your trees for disease as they begin to leaf out.  It's a critical time in the health of maintaining your trees!
Need mulch? Trees trimmed? Considering planting?  
Our estimates are always FREE!


Quick facts on EAB from Purdue

-Every year EAB grows by 5000%
-Trees are dead within 2-5 years of infestation
-Early signs, (2-3 years) are very difficult to detect even by professionals
-90% of the beetles life cycle is inside the wood under the bark
-Trees with low density infestation have virtually NO symptoms
-It spreads exponentially. One mating pair will develop 8.1 million eggs in 4 years

**According to Purdue researchers: 1st year 1% of trees dead. 2nd year 2% of trees dead. 3rd year 4% dead. 4th year 8% dead. (This is the stage when people begin to notice an infestation problem when about 1/10 ash are dead.) 5th year 16% dead. 6th year 32% dead. 7th year 64% dead. 8th year 100% dead ash trees.  So in essence, once signs are seen, all untreated ash trees will be dead in the area within 4 years.

We will have another post following up with Q and A on EAB.  An excellent resource concerning EAB is the Purdue website:

As always, contact us with any questions you may have.


Mulch promotion for May and June!

It's time to mulch!  The warm weather is here to stay!  Please see our previous post on exactly why mulching isn't just ornamental.

Our current pricing is $67.00 per yard of the premium dyed mulch, installed.  Mention us on twitter or mention our blog when contacting us and we will take off an additional 10%.


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